Welcome Home Handsome

Welcome Home Handsome


Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh the joys of potty training!

Wyatt, my oldest, turned 3 at the beginning of this month.  We had JUST moved, and had my sister and boyfriend staying with us.  Once they had left, a few weeks later, we'd decided potty training is a must!  So a week ago today Nathan had the day off from work.  I had decided that would be the day we'd hit it full force!  A few days prior we'd boughten him some treats that he would get as a reward for going pee in the potty.  He seemed to understand the concept.  Friday morning arrived and we started right away!  Pull up off and in the trash first thing in the morning and our first attempt at pee'ing in the potty begin!  The majority of that day was mostly familiarizing him with the potty and lots of practicing, accompanied by a few accidents, to be expected.  By dinner time he'd gotten it down pat.  He went in the bathroom all by himself and pee'd for the first time!!!!!!!  He was so excited as were daddy and I!  He'd worked all day long for that treat, and he was certainly proud of himself for what he'd accomplished.

Through out this week, we've had several accidents, several nights with dry pull ups, and several naps with dry pull ups, and worn underwear during all waking hours.  He's had a couple days where he was just, well lets say, not in the mood, but for the most part he's been making a ton of progress.  He's getting TONS of praise, lots of high fives, and of course his hard earned treats.

Yesterday, he actually EMPTIED his bladder two different times!!!  I was so ecstatic as was he.  "Look Mama, I pee'd whole bunch!!!".  All the other times he'd just pee a small bit, enough to have him dump in the toilet, but not empty his bladder.  It was a HUGE step in this potty training journey!

Tonight we are going to try having him go to bed in underwear in place of a pull up.  I'm a bit nervous, but he's had a least four days where he's woken with a dry pull up.  So here's to hoping we'll wake up to no accidents, but we are prepared for there to be a wet and unhappy little boy in the morning.

I'm such a proud Mama, this hasn't been nearly as hard as I'd prepared for.  The key is waiting for the signals from your child that he/she is ready.  Also being very patient, and open to figuring out what works for your child.  I don't think that there is any right or wrong age to try and start potty training.  But take it from a Mama to tried too early at first.  Keep close watch for queues from your child.  Wyatt let us know he was ready in his own way, and it's really been a lot easier sailing now that we'd waited.

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  1. Yay Wyatt. I never knew talking about your kid's pee would make me so happy, but it does! =] So excited for you!