Welcome Home Handsome

Welcome Home Handsome


Monday, November 28, 2011

A Thankless War?

Since my husbands last deployment this has been bugging me to the core of my being.  Someone told someone that I love that our Military doesn't see hand to hand combat in war these days.  That they don't actually ever see the enemy...that war is nothing like it was in wars throughout our Nations history.  These ineducated statements infuriate me.  This, my friends, is why our Military is fighting what I say is a thankless war.  They are not being sent overseas for a glorified vacation.  They are being sent to third world countries, in horrific conditions, seeing things you wouldn't even begin to understand or fathom.

If they are just over there twiddling their thumbs, playing video games, and wasting governement monies tell me this; WHY has/is the suicide rate of our war Veterans sky rocketing with each passing year-these last 1o years?  Why is the divorce rate in Military marriages sky rocketing?  Why is the PTSD and TBI rates sky rocketed? Why does the death toll/KIA rate of our Military continue to increase DAILY??  

Some may argue this as they only hear what the news will portray and the Military family will not often delve into the horrors they live with, the unspeakable things they see while deployed, the wreck marriages go through, the nightmares our Vets live with but that certainly does not mean that it doesn't happen.  

It sickens me when I hear of people making light of what our men and women are doing over there.  Disregarding the simple fact that they ARE indeed risking their lives on a daily basis, afraid to sleep, afraid to close their eyes, afraid to turn their backs.  There IS a reason for that.  The dangers are not fake, they are not "blown out of proportion; they are REAL!  

They don't need your sympathy, but they do need to be taken seriously, to be appreciated, to be HONORED for their heroism and sacrifices.

Since we're on the topic, it also irates me when random people will make comments to my husband while deployed such as, "why don't you ever call?" "why don't you write or email me?" or how about this one "why don't you ever talk on facebook" or anything along those lines.  Seriously, people!  When, as his WIFE, I am lucky to get a few minute phone call once or twice a WEEK, or a letter once a MONTH, what makes you thing he has the time to contact you?  I'm not trying to sound catty but the fact of the matter is that he has a mission.  Until that mission is complete, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING takes the back burner.  Until his feet hit US soil again, don't expect anything from him.  But please remember, that while he is making serious sacrifices, living in utter danger for an entire year-he needs YOUR support, dedication, and love.  He needs to know that what he is doing is appreciated.  He needs to know that the people he loves support him and think of him.  So please, write him, send him care packages, send him cards and pictures.  And most of all pray for him!  Recognize the reality of what he is doing.

Thanks for hearing me vent. I recognize that there are people who will disagree with me, and that is fine.  I just felt the need to share my feelings on the topic and try to shed some light where there often seems to be none.


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