Welcome Home Handsome

Welcome Home Handsome


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Tomorrow we celebrate our Nation's birthday. While it's typically my favorite holiday of all time, this year it's just kind of blah. The hubby and I's BFF's are home on leave, and so it's just us and the boys this year. It's just kind of depressing not really having any friends around. We've got several acquiantences, but not really and true friends. Makes things pretty lonely around here. Never thought I'd say I wish we could be back in WA, but at least we'd have family to celebrate with. Just one of the hurdles we have living the Army life. I'm not super out going because I'm shy, so I find it hard to make friends. I've had lots of people here who I thought were good friends over the last two years we've lived here, but the majority of them ended up being fake, while the other's moved away to new duty stations. Normally we'd have a get together, grill out, have some drinks, and a generally good time. I guess I'm just not feeling all of the festivities this year. We did, however, take the boys on post and parked the car so we could get out and watch the fireworks show. Wyatt absolutely LOVED it! Wish we could have had some company, but nonetheless, it was fun to watch. Tomorrow we are bbq'ing some chicken and maybe hitting the pool depending on how many people are in it. I guess this turned into more of a pity party, but better I get it out than to dwell on my loneliness. I wish you all a very happy, fun, and SAFE Independence Day! Happy birthday, United States of America!

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